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John Felding (Finland)
First of all I want to congrats to SFI management for recovering such success in such a short time, this is really a Great milestone I've ever seen, by a pakistan's company. early on I was willing to creat buissness relationship with this company, but now i am glad to have services of SFI.

Roger Christian (Argentina)
It is a pleasure to have good from SF industries, I would really appoint this company for best services and reasonable prices as well, I may Suggest visiting customers to have a look at this highly proffesional manufacturing product.

Cui J song (China)
Recently I have visited SF industries, this really was a thing to watch on. I could see all the work bieng done in special hands, this really inspired me alot. I made a big deal of wrist Wraps, and even I have been praised in China for buying this Quality Products, I am extremely thankful to SF industries Team for giving me Such a honour and Well products.

 Sialkot Frontier Ind. (Pvt. Ltd) is committed to providing quality products that meet the basic need of keeping up with required personal protective equipment. Sialkot Frontier Ind. (Pvt. Ltd) was founded in August, 1992 and maintains a strong commitment to manufacture products that consider the full scope of return on investment for the ultimate consumer.

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